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Giving each month allows you to select an amount that fits your budget — from $10 to $100 or more. Your monthly donations are one way to invest a little each month to secure your civil rights and the rights of tens of thousands of others.

Your monthly gift truly makes a critical difference in the struggle for transgender equality and the success of NCTE. When we know we can count on you and others to give monthly, we can focus on making definite, lasting change in our nation’s laws and policies to improve the lives of transgender Americans. And you can feel proud of your commitment to the movement for transgender equality as a monthly member of NCTE.

This year, we have an exciting opportunity that will make your gift go even further. A donor has offered to match every monthly gift between $10 and $100, up to a total of $25,000. Please pledge a monthly gift today, knowing that your money will be doubled in the coming year. As always, your gifts to NCTE are tax deductible.


invest in transgender equality


Your monthly gift will support vital work, including:

    • Coordinating the work of grassroots advocates seeking to further federal policy change that will benefit transgender people;
    • Becoming the focus point of transgender activism through such innovative events as the Target States Conference and the Transgender Religious Leaders Summit;
    • Providing resources to help community, city and state groups increase their visibility and remain effective advocates for change in their local areas;
    • Working in coalition with our partners in Washington DC to ensure that federal policies take into account the needs and concerns of transgender people on a wide range of issues from employment non-discrimination to immigration, from voting rights to housing;
    • Educating members of Congress about the need for federal legislation to protect transgender people from hate-motivated violence and the rampant discrimination we face every day;
    • Following up on our successes of the past year, including the advancement of transgender-nclusive legislation such as the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and the hate crimes bill;
    • Increasing the information available to members of our community, our friends, families and allies, about the legislation and policies that impact our lives every day and provide effective ways for people to take positive action in response;
    • Being a clear, professional voice advocating for the rights of transgender people in Washington, DC.

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