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Nico Quintana

Nico Quintana (he/him or they/them)

Nico is a trans, Latinx community activist and policy advocate with a long history of grassroots organizing and state and national policy work.

Nico originally began their career as a Latinx, trans youth community activist and organizer in Oregon and Massachusetts. After college, Nico pursued a policy career as a junior staffer in Congress in 2006. After working on Capitol Hill, Nico worked with the think tank Center for American Progress writing LGBT rights policy briefs and with the Congressional Hunger Center supporting their national anti-hunger policy programs and advocacy work. From 2011 - 2014, Nico worked with the DC Trans Coalition organizing trans economic justice, racial justice and health care rights policy initiatives. In 2014, Nico moved back to Oregon to help lead Basic Rights Oregon’s health care access and prison justice policy campaigns as well as their community leadership and training programs. Nico is a former board member of Trans Legal Advocates of Washington’s Name and Gender Change Clinic and is currently a board member of the Trans Health Law Project in Seattle.

Nico received a bachelor’s degree in Government from Smith College and is currently in their last year of Law School at the University of Washington School of Law. Nico is an enthusiastic rock climber, cyclist and cook.

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