Veronica Bravo-Leon (she/her) | National Center for Transgender Equality
Veronica in front of grey background

Veronica Bravo-Leon (she/her)

US Trans Suvey Outreach Coordinator

Born and raised in Venezuela, Veronica developed a passion for public affairs following the dramatic events in the country and her involvement in several Model United Nations. Shortly after starting university, she became an activist and organizer within the student movement that led the Venezuelan 2007 protests. Moving forward, Veronica was one of the founders of a youth-led political organization, where her responsibilities included conducting institutional outreach. Furthermore, she actively worked with impoverished communities and led efforts around securing and conducting election witnessing. Since moving to the US in 2014, she has been pursuing academic goals, working in educational and administrative environments, and volunteering for democratic electoral campaigns in FL and DC. Veronica is a politics junkie and listens to NY Times’ The Daily religiously.

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