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Arli Christian

Victory: Delaware becomes the 14th state to modernize birth certificate gender change requirements!

Effective February 11th, people born in Delaware can now receive new birth certificates with an updated gender marker without unnecessary and outdated requirements of a court order or proof of surgery. Delaware joins 13 other states plus the District of Columbia who have updated their policies to ensure transgender people have access to accurate birth certificates.

VICTORY: Nevada passes the most progressive birth certificate gender change policy in the nation!

NCTE is incredibly pleased to salute the Nevada Department of Public and Behavioral Health for passing an updated birth certificate gender change policy for people born in Nevada.

Pennsylvania Updates Birth Certificate Gender Change Policy

Great news for transgender people born in Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania just became the 12th state in the U.S. to modernize their birth certificate policy! Under Pennsylvania’s new policy, individuals no longer need to provide proof of surgery to update the gender marker on their birth certificate. That removes a significant hurdle for many transgender people.


Hawai’i Birth Certificate Modernization Passed State Legislature

The Hawai’i state legislature yesterday advanced HB 631, a birth certificate modernization policy putting Hawai’i on the path toward becoming the 7th state to ease access to accurate birth certificates for transgender people.


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