Monday, January 8, 2018

300+ Parents of Trans Kids to Senate: Don’t Let These Extremists Become Judges

An open letter opposing nominees Kyle Duncan and Matthew Kacsmaryk

Dear Senators,

We’re writing to you as parents, because we are worried about our children. We love our children, as we know many of you love your own children and grandchildren. We love them fiercely, and sometimes we fear for them. We want to tell you about our families, and how we love and fear for our children, because of the demeaning and dangerous rhetoric used about them by certain nominees for lifetime federal judgeships. Our children are transgender, and the rhetoric of nominees Kyle Duncan and Matthew Kacsmaryk about children like ours is appalling and unacceptable.

We previously reached out to judicial nominee Jeff Mateer to express our alarm at his description of transgender children as proof of “how Satan’s plan is working.” We are pleased to see that Mr. Mateer and Stephen Schwartz (whose record is similar to Mr. Duncan’s) have not been renominated. However, we remain equally concerned about Mr. Duncan and Mr. Kacsmaryk their demeaning attacks on transgender children and adults. Both have repeatedly promoted fringe, junk science about transgender people, claiming that gender identity doesn’t exist and that being transgender is a “delusion.” These bogus claims have been rejected again and again by the nation’s major medical and mental health associations.

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