Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A New Trump Plan Could Encourage Religious College to Reject Trans Students

n 2006, upon graduating from high school, I packed my bags for my college of choice: a small Christian school in the Wesleyan tradition, located in the Midwest. After years of leadership in the youth group of the non-denominational, somewhat socially-progressive church I attended, I was ready to take the next step: pursuing a life dedicated to my faith and to serving others as a pastor. I wasn’t quite ready for what I’d find on campus.

During my time there, the school’s policy towards those who disagreed with doctrine was clear. A biology professor left after writing a well-publicized book arguing that evolution and God’s creation are not mutually exclusive. Rumors circulated constantly about students who had been expelled for attempting to come out as lesbian or gay. It was a far cry from the accepting, positive environment in which I had spent years learning about and going deeper in my faith. Read more...

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