Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Back to School: Supporting Trans Students When There’s a Bully in the White House

This is the first in a series of back to school articles. Be sure to follow us to be informed when new editions are published, and to read more pieces about trans students and those who want to support them!

Going back to school can be exciting for students. It’s a time to reunite with friends, build relationships with teachers, and create memories to last a lifetime. Education is extremely important in shaping an individual’s perspective of the world, and its power is priceless. But what happens when going back to school means facing bullies — especially if one of them is your principal, or even the President of the United States?

Unfortunately, under the Trump administration, this is the reality for many students and families. The withdrawal of guidelines to protect transgender students was followed by a months-long legislative battle in Texas, where lawmakers sought to pass anti-trans “bathroom ban” legislation. When the President and a state governor — among other politicians — tell the world that there is something wrong with being who we are, it’s no wonder that parents, families and trans students are experiencing fear.

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