Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Black Trans Trailblazers of Today: Phillipe Cunningham and Andrea Jenkins

A black-and-white graphic with a stylized image of Phillipe Cunningham and Andrea Jenkins in the background, and a box in the foreground saying, "Black History Month 2018," and featuring NCTE's logo.

This Black History Month, NCTE is following the lead of the National Black Justice Coalition and the Ubuntu Biography Project in highlighting significant Black figures in trans history and in the present day. Learn more by visiting the #WeCanBcTheyDid hashtag.

This past November was a huge success in the stride toward trans equality as eight openly transgender candidates were elected into public office. This groundbreaking round of elections was made even more monumental by the representation of trans people of color and their visibility in the world of politics. Their names are Phillipe Cunningham and Andrea Jenkins.

Read more at NCTE's Medium page.


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