Monday, February 5, 2018

Fight Back and Help Defeat Anti-Transgender State Legislation!

A graphic showing the United States' silhouette in the background. Overlaid is text saying, "Fight back in your state!" and a graphic of a fist.

Last year was — once again — a record year for anti-transgender bills in state legislatures. In 2017, more than 60 bills were introduced in nearly half of the nation’s legislatures, all designed to attack the basic rights of trans people in those states.

These bills went after the right to be treated with dignity in all aspects of life, from denying trans people’s access to life-saving health care to targeting transgender youth in school and child welfare settings, from creating sweeping exemptions that allowed trans people to be kicked out of public spaces or turned away from essential services, to prohibiting individual cities from protecting trans people from discrimination.

Fortunately, we defeated the vast majority of these anti-transgender bills, thanks to so many transgender people and our allies located in states all across the country. So many of you made a difference — by speaking up, sharing your stories, and fighting back.

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