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NCTE Welcomes Sincere "I Am Cait" Debut


This past weekend, Caitlyn Jenner's long-awaited documentary series I Am Cait premiered on E! network. Part of an eight-hour long television series, I Am Cait chronicles Caitlyn Jenner's gender transition and her struggle for acceptance. 

National Center for Transgender Equality Executive Director Mara Keisling told Al Jazeera America of the first episode:  

"I Am Cait was a sincere depiction of Caitlyn's quest toward being seen for who she is. It also showed how sustaining and important family support can be to all people--and Caitlyn is fortunate that she seems to have family with boundless support. Of course, that Caitlyn has hooks into reality television means she can hook into audiences she otherwise wouldn't have been able to reach. But I don't doubt that they will walk away feeling a little more empathetic and understanding of our live and our families."

On the night of the series premiere, Keisling joined ThinkProgress viewing party along with Brynn Tannehill, Director of Advocacy at SPART*A, Fiona Dawson, a documentary filmmaker, and Willem Miller, a Georgetown University student. Watch their reactions here:

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