Friday, September 29, 2017

Nominee Who Literally Demonized Trans Kids Is the Tip of the Iceberg

Even in a class of dozens of conservative nominees, Trump judicial nominee Jeff Mateer has shocked observers with his record of callous and downright mean-spirited comments about LGBT people. Worst of a string of terrible comments is his description, in a 2015 speech, of transgender children as evidence of “how Satan’s plan is working.”

Yesterday, Mateer received an emotional letter from 278 parents of transgender children, urging him to “apologize sincerely and without reservation to us and our families and all the others like us, and to clearly articulate how wrong and damaging your words are to children like ours — or to withdraw your nomination.”

Even Texas Sen. John Cornyn, who helped put forward Mateer’s nomination, has started to waver, saying, “I’ve got some work to do until I can make that final conclusion.” Shortly after CNN reported on Mateer’s 2015 speech last week, footage of the speech was taken down from Vimeo. Since then, numerous outlets have panned Mateer and his reprehensible views.

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