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Puerto Rico releases a new gender change form for driver’s licenses!


Puerto Rico’s Department of Transportation just released a new policy and a simple, clear, one-page gender change form that residents can use to update the gender marker on their Puerto Rico driver’s license or identification card. The gender change form has no requirement of surgery or any other specific medical treatment, and can be signed by any kind of licensed clinical professional, including psychologists, therapists, and social workers.

The process to change this policy began in August 2015, when Puerto Rican Governor, Hon. Alejandro J. García Padilla issued an executive order mandating that the Secretary of Transportation and Public Works introduce a gender marker policy. NCTE worked closely with Puerto Rican advocates to suggest good policy language and are thrilled to see such great results.

Puerto Rico joins 32 states and the District of Columbia in implementing a streamlined, non-surgical standard for updating gender markers on licenses and state IDs, and is the first territory to develop an official gender change policy. This new form is a giant step forward in promoting safety and success for transgender Puerto Ricans.

NCTE continues to work hard to modernize gender change policies in all the states and territories and remove barriers that transgender people face in obtaining identity documents that match their gender identity.

To learn more about identity document policies in your state, visit our ID Documents Center.

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