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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Attack On Trans Students’ Rights You Haven’t Heard About

Delaware is set to enact a policy that would restrict the rights of transgender students — unless we act together to stop it.

Like every parent, I worry about how my teenage daughter is going to be treated at school and in the world at large. Unlike every parent, however, I have to worry about her legal rights as a student, too.

The Delaware Department of Education’s latest version of its nondiscrimination regulation — known as Regulation 225 — is a dangerous policy that can hurt kids like my daughter.

Regulation 225 started out as an effort to protect all students, including transgender children. It was a frequent topic of conversation among other parents of transgender kids in Delaware, and we were proud to support the regulation in its original form.

But then we watched in horror as extremist anti-transgender groups from around the country stormed in and pressured the governor to drastically revise the regulation — warping it from a positive policy to one that offers transgender children few meaningful protections and can even harm them. Read more...

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