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Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Extreme Worldview of Bill Barr

This week, the Senate held confirmation hearings for Bill Barr, President Donald Trump’s pick to replace the embattled Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Much of the Senators’ questioning focused on Barr’s stance on Robert Mueller’s investigation into potential collusion between Russia and Trump’s presidential campaign.

But Barr, who first entered public life as the Attorney General of President George H.W. Bush, has built his lengthy career on other extreme stances, frequently advocating for archaic policies that strip LGBTQ people of our most basic rights. He literally wrote the handbook for mass incarceration, and has endorsed the terrifying view of our immigration system held by Jeff Sessions.Barr’s fringe ideology should disqualify him from consideration for Attorney General, where he would continue Sessions’ dangerous anti-trans policies. Read more...

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