Friday, August 25, 2017

The President’s Discrimination Against Transgender Service Members is Unconstitutional

Despite calling for “unity” while announcing increased military action in Afghanistan, President Donald Trump is pressing forward with his ban on transgender service members. If the White House has its way, current service members will face an as-yet-unspecified process of being kicked out because of who they are. In the meantime, they may be denied medical care as well.

Most of us don’t begrudge military service members their medical care — it’s part of the promise the country makes to those who serve. If a medication, procedure, or therapy is prescribed by military doctors, the Department of Defense provides it without hesitation.

But the guidance reportedly circulating within the White House calls for different treatment for transgender troops, namely to “stop spending on medical treatment regimens for those currently serving,” according to theWall Street JournalThat means that soldiers, airmen, Marines, and Coasties currently serving around the world could have prescribed medications cut off and scheduled treatments cancelled.

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