Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trans Women of Color Are Being Slaughtered: Here’s Why It Matters to a White Mom in Maine.

The murder of Ebony Morgan in Lynchburg, VA this week marks the 15th slaughter of a transgender woman of color in 2017. The systematic erasure of society’s most marginalized and vulnerable population is nothing short of an epidemic, and none of my friends outside of the trans activist community are talking about it.

I’m a white mom in Maine, a state that is 94 percent white. (Yes, take that statistic in for a moment.) My daughters are learning about race not through their daily interactions, but through books designed to help white kids in white towns understand diversity. On her Women’s March sign, my 5-year old daughter asked for help to spell out “you can have different skin,” underneath large letters scrawling, “I [heart] everyone.” She understands injustice, but she cannot yet comprehend the benefits she reaps from being white.

She also bears a burden that she does not yet understand.

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