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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Understanding REAL ID

You’ve been hearing about REAL ID in the news and from us, at NCTE. But perhaps you are not quite clear what REAL ID is all about? In general, that is…not just the ways that transgender people are affected by REAL ID.


Fortunately, CNET News.com has published a four-part series of articles that provides background on the REAL ID Act and how the upcoming deadlines can impact people’s everyday lives.


CNET News.com does not cover the transgender angle of REAL ID, of course. However, the ways that all Americans will be affected certainly includes transgender people. I am sure that most transgender people will be able to imagine how these general difficulties would translate into even greater hardships for our particular community.



Four-part series: "REAL ID vs the states"





CNET News.com has also made available an easy-to-read version of the relevant section of the REAL ID Act. For those who want to read the entire text and history of the bill, click here.



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