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Voting Rights


Voting is a key part of our participation in society and having our voices heard in the issues that affect us all, and we have the right to vote regardless of gender identity. Having ID that doesn’t match your gender identity or presentation should not affect your right to cast a ballot, in any state. But with increasingly strict voter ID laws, trans people may face barriers—both because of difficulties in obtaining an ID that’s accepted, or because they might run into bias or misunderstandings of the law when it comes to their gender.

As the fight against restrictive voter ID and other voter suppression laws continues, knowing your rights can help avoid or solve problems at the polls. We want everyone to get out and vote!

View our "Voting While Trans" Checklist to find out what your state’s laws are, what to expect at the polls, and what to do in case your right to vote is challenged.



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January 9, 2008

Voter Registration

Last week, I went down to the County Clerk's office to update my voter registration in time for the upcoming caucuses here in New Mexico (I'm a teleco

January 9, 2008

US Supreme Court Hears Voter ID Case Starting Today

A voting rights case comes before the United States Supreme Court today. Oral arguments will be heard challenging an Indiana voting law requiring government-issued ID


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