Debi Jackson (she/her/hers)

Family Organizer

As a Family Organizer, Debi connects with families of trans youth across the country, offering guidance on how they can tell their stories and feel empowered to advocate for their children anywhere from the local, state, or even federal level. Debi lives with her husband and two children in Kansas City, Missouri. She has become an advocate for transgender rights and acceptance because of her daughter. She now speaks openly about her family to provide others with a personal connection to learn about transgender youth, using her story to prove that conservative Southern families can be supportive of LGBT issues. She has been interviewed by media across the US, the UK, France, Greece, Russia, South Africa, Colombia and Brazil. Debi was awarded the 2016 NEA GLBT Caucus Role Model Award for her contributions to education about the LGBTQ+ community. Her daughter, Avery, has also told her own story in a children’s book and was quoted on a cover of the “Gender Revolution” issue of National Geographic magazine.

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