Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Stories have the power to change the world: a story can move a friend to support transgender rights, sway how a politician will vote, empower others to tell their stories, and more.

At the National Center for Transgender Equality, we know that collecting and sharing stories from both transgender people and allies is critical in the push for transgender rights. The stories you share here help us encourage policymakers to change laws and policies, allow media to tell authentic stories of transgender struggles and triumphs, and help us introduce transgender people to potential allies who may not know any out trans people in their lives. In this way, these stories support the work of NCTE so that all trans people can be treated more fairly and be able to lead lives free of discrimination, violence, and harassment.

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Parents of Transgender Children

Parents of transgender children are an important voice in the fight for transgender equality. Please let us know if you have a transgender child:


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Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with the National Center for Transgender Equality. Whether you shared a story that you've never told anyone else, or shared story you've told many times, we appreciate the bravery it takes to speak your truth. We may use your story in our advocacy work, WITHOUT identifying you or giving identifying details. We will not share any personal information without your permission.

Unfortunately, we are unable to be in touch with everyone who submits a story. Likewise, we don't always have a way to share or promote every story when that is submitted to us. As we move forward we will follow-up with any potential spokespeople who have stories that best fit our advocacy focus and current needs.

Thank you again. Please contact Rebecca Kling, Community Storytelling Advocate, with any questions or concerns at

Voices for Trans Equality (VTE)

Voices for Transgender Equality (VTE) empowers transgender people and allies so that they can better advocate for transgender rights. VTE allows community members to connect directly with NCTE, to receive resources and opportunities as well as to help NCTE stay informed about transgender rights issues in communities across the country.  There’s no cost to join, and members never have to share their stories or be public if that’s not the right decision for them. Overall, this group will help ensure that trans people and allies are able to use their voices to demand dignity and respect for all. Click hear to learn more about VTE.

Families for Trans Equality (FTE)

Families for Transgender Equality (FTE) is a network of families with trans youth, and groups that support these families, who all want to change policies and society to improve trans people’s lives. There’s no cost to join, and families never have to share their stories or be public if that’s not the right decision for them. Overall, this group will help ensure that all families with trans youth are being treated well, and that trans youth are able to live their lives with dignity and respect. Click here to learn more about FTE.

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