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Flush Discrimination


Transgender people face discrimination at every turn, but this year we’ve seen an unprecedented number of attacks.

We’ve already seen more than 50 anti-trans bills in 19 different states. When HB 2 passed in North Carolina, it became the the first law of its kind. Let’s make sure it’s the last.

We at the National Center for Transgender Equality are fed up. It’s time to flush each and every one of these bills for good.

Let's flush discrimination. Together.


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Four Steps to Start Flushing


  1. Sign the pledge on the right.

  2. Take a video of yourself holding this sign or this sign, where you can write in why or how you're joining NCTE to flush discrimination! 

  3. Post on social media.

  4. Tag friends and family to take videos as well!


Need Some Inspiration?


Watch others who have taken the pledge:


See more videos below.


If you don't have the time or resources to take a video, feel free to take a photo with your sign instead.



Don't forget to tag #FlushDiscrimination and our accounts!



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Together, we can increase understanding, respect, and equality for trans people.

Together, we can #FlushDiscrimination.


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