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From schools and healthcare to immigration and identification, policies affecting trans people are advancing every day. Find the latest information about existing laws and policies, and how you can improve the laws and policies in your area.


Review NCTE's national agenda for the Biden administration. 


Learn about policies and resources that support trans older adults.


Learn about issues of violence facing transgender people and what can be done about it.


Learn about employment discrimination, find resources on trans-welcoming workplace policies, and non-discrimination laws.


Learn about laws and policies that affect trans parents, children, and families.

Health & HIV

Learn about laws and policies that affect transgender people including those living with HIV & AIDS.

Housing & Homelessness

Learn about accessing housing, including best practices for homeless shelters and others.

Identity Documents & Privacy

Learn about policies and laws regarding name changes and updating gender on ID documents, and how to improve the policies in your state.


Learn about immigration reform from a transgender perspective, and laws and policies concerning detention, deportation and asylum.


Learn about global trans rights and how US foreign policy can support trans people worldwide.

Military & Veterans

Find resources on military service, veterans, and the VA system.

Non-Discrimination Laws

Learn about non-discrimination laws, why they are important, and what states and cities have these laws.

Police, Jails & Prisons

Learn about interactions with the police, issues facing trans people in jail and prisons, and tools for advocacy.

Racial & Economic Justice

Learn why racism and poverty are trans issues and what trans advocates can do about them.

Research & Data Needs

Learn about all we don’t know about trans people, what researchers can do to help, and how to change government surveys to include trans people.


Find out the latest on airport security procedures, how they affect trans people, and what needs to change.

U.S. Transgender Survey

Learn about and see statistics about trans people and discrimination from the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey and the 2011 National Transgender Discrimination Survey.

Voting Rights

Learn about how voter ID laws can affect trans people’s rights to vote.

Youth & Students

Find out about issues at school, and get the resources you need to improve school policies.

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