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Trans youth have always existed and know who they are. Transgender, nonbinary, and intersex youth deserve supportive, loving, and enriching environments that empower them to thrive.  With inclusive school policies, accepting families, and access to healthcare these youth can live long, healthy lives being just who they are. 

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Family and community support and acceptance of trans youth is life-saving. The Trevor Project’s 2022 survey found that LGBTQ youth reported lower rates of attempted suicide when they felt more supported by their friends and family. In fact, parents and guardians are often the strongest advocates for their trans children, fighting for their right to be themselves. Unfortunately, due to lack of education and resources for parents and families, many transgender youth face family rejection. This contributes, in part, to the overrepresentation of LGBTQI+ youth among those experiencing homelessness and in the child welfare system, where trans youth make up approximately one in three children in the foster system. These youth frequently experience harassment and mistreatment by staff, peers, and care providers.

Fortunately, 2024 marked historic progress toward a world where trans children are loved and enabled to succeed. The federal government has instituted historic protections for trans students and youth in foster care, ensuring they are supported and accepted wherever they are. Meanwhile, school districts across the country are taking affirmative steps to protect their trans students. As public awareness continues to increase, more families are standing up for their children, even in the face of anti-trans attacks by lawmakers. 

If you are a trans parent, the parent of a trans child, or a young trans person who would like to share your story with us, you can do so here! We won't publish anything from your story unless we contact you first. 

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