A4TE’s Policy team exists to give trans people a voice in Washington, D.C., and in statehouses and municipal governments around the country. We work at the federal, state, and local level to educate lawmakers about trans people’s lives and experiences, to promote laws and regulations that protect trans people’s rights, and to fight back against anti-trans laws and policies that seek to harm trans people and push our communities out of public life.

Advocates and lawmakers announce the reintroduction of the Equality Act in 2023.

Lawmakers and advocates, including Rep. Mark Takano, HRC's Kelley Robinson, and A4TE's Policy Director Olivia Hunt, at a 2023 press conference reintroducing the Equality Act in Congress.

Our advocacy work takes many forms: meeting with law- and policymakers, helping to draft laws and policies, testifying at legislative hearings, submitting formal comments during rulemaking processes, and analyzing the potential impacts of legislation and regulation on trans people’s lives.

Federal Legislation

A4TE’s policy advocates work closely with our allies in our nation’s capital to help craft legislation that addresses the needs and protects the rights of the trans community nationwide. We also work to oppose anti-trans legislation at every step of the legislative process. 

Federal Regulatory Campaigns

Before a federal agency such as the Social Security Administration or the Department of Education issues a new regulation, they are required to consider input from the public . During these public comment periods, anyone can submit a letter to the government expressing their support or opposition to the proposed rule, and suggesting changes. 

A4TE works to ensure that trans people are a part of this process to voice our opinions on policies that impact our lives. We submit thorough, robust, and persuasive comments expressing trans people’s concerns about proposed rules and create campaigns to encourage trans people and our allies to submit comments on their own.

Lobby Days

When the National Center for Transgender Equality was first founded in 2003, its first action was to  bring members of the trans community from around the country to Washington, D.C. to meet with their Representatives and Senators. Lobby days have been an important part of our work since then, and we continue to create opportunities for our trans people and our allies to be heard by our policymakers.

State Legislation and Regulation

A4TE’s Policy team works across the nation to support pro-trans laws and policies at the state level, and to oppose hostile anti-trans laws and policies. We elevate the voices of trans people and trans-led organizations to make sure that they are heard and understood by lawmakers and policymakers in their states. 

Our State Action Center is a central place where trans people and our allies can find information and ways to take action on the pro- and anti-trans bills in state legislatures across the country. We work to strengthen our relationships with public officials, to support our allies and champions around the country, and to increase understanding of trans people’s lives at every level of government.

For policy-related inquiries, you can reach our team at [email protected]

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