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Know Your Rights

Arianna Lint, a transgender advocate in Miami, FL, testifies in support of a nondiscrimination law. Photo: Miami Herald.

The following resources explain up-to-date transgender people’s rights. While we work to strengthen and expand legal protections, there are steps you can take if you face discrimination today in every state and in almost every area of life. Each resource below includes how to file complaints of discrimination or mistreatment and how to find legal help.

Know Your Rights Airport Security

Airport Security

What to expect at the airport and what to do in case of problems.

Employment (Federal)

Your rights as a federal employee.
Know Your Rights at Work: Layoff Notice

Employment (General)

Your rights on the job and filing discrimination complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
doctor stethoscope health care

Health Care

Your rights as a patient, including your rights to transition-related health care.

Housing and Homeless Shelters

Your rights in seeking housing, including homeless shelters.

Immigration Documents

Learn how to update your U.S. Permanent Resident card (“green card”), work permit, or naturalization certificate.
Sample Medicare Health Insurance card.


Know your Medicare coverage protections, as well as how to update your gender marker.

Military Records

Learn how to update your DD214 and DEERS records.
Passport gender change


Find out how to obtain a passport with the correct gender.
Public accommodations in small business

Public Accommodations

Your rights while going to restaurants, hotels, doctors, and other public accommodations.
All Gender Restroom sign

Restroom Access for Transgender Workers

Employees should be allowed to use the restrooms that correspond to their gender identity.


Study up on your rights at school.
Update Social Security record transgender

Social Security

Learn about Social Security benefits questions and how to update gender on your SSA record.
Domestic Violence

Survivors of Violence

Your rights as a survivor of sexual, domestic, or hate violence.

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