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Gillian Branstetter, Media Relations Manager
December 12, 2017

Sen. Grassley’s Reconsideration of Bigoted Judicial Nominees is Welcome, but the Others are Just As Bad

“Mateer and Talley are just the tip of the iceberg”

Washington, DC –The National Center for Transgender Equality welcomes Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley’s comments urging the White House two reconsider two extreme, unqualified and bigoted nominees for federal judgeships, and calls for the Senate to reject several additional nominees who are similarly disqualified.

NCTE Director of Policy Harper Jean Tobin said the following:

“We welcome Chairman Grassley's recognition that some of President Trump's nominees are too bigoted or otherwise unqualified for lifetime federal judgeships. Unfortunately, Jeff Mateer and Brett Talley are just the tip of the iceberg of extreme, bigoted and unqualified nominees being rushed through the Senate.

Today the Senate is voting on an appeals court nominee who, like Talley, was rated Unqualified by the American Bar Association; and who, like Mateer, has a disturbing record of hostility to LGBT Americans. Tomorrow the Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing for another extreme bigot, Matthew Kacsmaryk, who like Jeff Mateer called being transgender a delusion and has called for resisting any civil rights protections whatsoever for LGBT Americans. Nominees Stephen Schwartz and Kyle Duncan have records just as troubling.

We hope this will be a turning point, and we call on Chairman Grassley and other Senators to reconsider these nominees as well, and to return to regular order in the Senate rather than rushing through extreme and unqualified nominees.”

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