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Gillian Branstetter, Media Relations Manager
November 23, 2018

Department of Justice Asks Supreme Court to Save Ban Against Transgender Troops

The Trump administration used the occasion of a holiday weekend to ask the Supreme Court to bypass multiple federal appeals courts and immediately allow President Trump to impose his ban on transgender servicemembers.

Federal courts in four separate cases have declared the ban unconstitutional, ruling it is based on junk science and baseless myths about the fitness of transgender people to serve in the armed forces. The administration is now arguing that allowing transgender people to serve is so dangerous, it must ignore the appeals process and go directly to the Supreme Court.

Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, gave the following statement.

“This is yet another reckless move by a President with zero respect for this nation’s military or the rule of law. Coming the day after the President turned a Thanksgiving message to troops into a complaint about his own losses in federal court, it is clear the administration is growing ever more desperate to undermine the law and insert prejudice and hate into our armed forces. It's a senseless move that can only serve to disrupt troops, their families, and the military itself. Transgender people serve our country with honor and dignity. There is no excuse for the administration’s continued defense of this dangerous policy.”


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