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Gillian Branstetter, Media Relations Manager
November 21, 2017

NCTE Praises Oklahoma Jury Verdict in favor of Transgender Professor

Civil rights were violated, tenure denied to transgender professor, jury finds

Washington, DC—The National Center for Transgender Equality praised the Oklahoma jury who awarded a transgender woman more than $1.1 million after finding Southeastern Oklahoma State University had violated her civil rights. Former English professor Rachel Tudor alleged the school in the Regional University System of Oklahoma denied her tenure.

NCTE Executive Director Mara Keisling offered the following statement:

"This is another affirmation that discrimination against transgender people violates both our shared values and our federal laws. It is also a repudiation of the Trump Administration Justice Department. We cannot forget that this case was initially filed by the Justice Department itself. Despite the district court's rulings allowing the case to go forward the Trump Administration dropped Ms. Tudor's case for purely political reasons. Fortunately, the Trump Administration can sow confusion about our laws but it cannot change them."


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