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Posts from 2009

REAL ID implementation postponed from Dec. 31

Last Friday, December 18, Secretary Janet Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security announced that states are being given additional time to comply with the REAL ID Act, which would have gone into effect in just a few days

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"Bo-tax" Gone

In the health care reform debate in the Senate, the so-called “Bo-tax,” a tax on plastic surgery, is no longer in either the Senate version of the bill and never was in the House versions.

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Reversing evolution: Gov. Tim Pawlenty on Gender Identity

When asked by Newsweek how his views have evolved over time, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (and possible GOP 2012 Presidential candidate) responded by turning his back on the anti-discrimination ordinance he himself had voted for in 199

Hello world!

We've migrated our blog so that our readers won't have to deal with the spam comments in the future. Thanks for finding us here! Now, back to our regularly scheduled work for trans equality ...


NY Gov. signs order protecting trans state workers

New York Governor David Paterson extended protections against job discrimination to transgender state employees today. Executive Order No.


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