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Posts from 2018

Trump Nominee Thinks Trans People Are A 'Delusion'

Last year, you helped us 


Trump Erases Guidance for Transgender Federal Workers

In the middle of the Thanksgiving holiday last week, the Trump administration took yet another reckless effort to erase the rights of transgender people.


Transgender Asylum Seekers Face Mistreatment and Abuse in ICE Detention

As many across the country remain horrified by the tear-gassing of migrants seeking asylum within the United States, we also learned of the mistreatment and abuse faced by transgender asylum seekers through the details of one


Ten Senators Demand Answers on Trans Prisoners

There are few people more vulnerable in society today than incarcerated transgender people.


Senators are ‘Rushing’ This Anti-Trans Lawyer Onto The Courts

If there’s one thing the Trump administration can’t stand, it’s the legacy of civil rights law impeding their efforts to strip legal rights away from millions of people.


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