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Breaking: Supreme Court Upholds Key Health Care Subsidies


In a 6-3 ruling written by Justice Roberts, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the government in King v Burwell, upholding a key provision of the Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”) that provides subsidies to those buying health insurance in both federal- and state-run marketplaces. These exchanges and subsidies to buy insurance are the foundation of the law that makes health insurance affordable for millions of Americans. Had the Court ruled the other way in this case, reports estimate that as many as 8.2 million Americans would have lost their insurance, while premiums for those that retained coverage would have risen by 34%.

“We celebrate this victory for health care access and will continue to press for the expansion of Medicaid nationwide and an end to all transgender health insurance exclusions,” said NCTE Director of Policy Harper Jean Tobin. "Given the serious health disparities and barriers to care that transgender people face, protecting the availability of low-cost health insurance plans remains a crucial component of improving trans people’s lives."

The Affordable Care Act has significantly improved the health care prospects for LGBT people in many ways. In 2011, the National Transgender Discrimination Survey found that 48% of transgender respondents had reported postponing necessary medical care due to their inability to afford it. The same survey revealed that transgender respondents were more likely to lack health insurance coverage than the general population. The health care exchanges established by the ACA and protected by this ruling have reduced financial barriers for transgender people seeking health insurance coverage.

Learn more about transgender people and health care rights here.

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