Thursday, January 4, 2018

How We Fought Back in 2017

NCTE marched into 2017 unsure of what the new presidential administration would unleash. We expected it to be bad, so we created a plan and a strategy to keep pushing forward for trans people and to push back against whatever President Trump threw at us.

We knew we had too much momentum coming into the year to let our enemies stop us. And we can say with certainty after a year of fight after fight, that trans people have not come as far as we have to only come this far. We will keep fighting forward for trans people.

As 2018 starts, we promise that we will continue to stand up to the Trump administration, and we will find every possible opening for forward progress while we are stopping and mitigating their dangerous attacks. Just like last year, when President Trump attacks us, trans people will get stronger and he will get politically weaker.

Here are just some of the things we accomplished together this past year.

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