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NCTE Opposes Extreme HUD Nominee Who Called Transgender People “Abnormal”

NCTE Opposes Extreme HUD Nominee Who Called Transgender People “Abnormal”

The National Center for Transgender Equality opposes the nomination of Ben Carson for Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), based on his extreme anti-LGBT views and his long record of opposing life-saving safety net programs and fair housing laws.

Additionally, Carson has no experience working in government or running large organizations. In fact, Carson’s business manager recently said he would not accept a cabinet position because of his inexperience. Carson has no record and has made few comments about housing policy, besides vocally opposing enforcement of the Fair Housing Act.

Carson has a long history of promoting intolerance and disgust toward LGBT people. Carson calls transgender people “abnormal” and their very existence “the height of absurdity.” He considers same-sex relationships an “abomination” and has compared LGBT folks’ relationships to having sex with children or animals. He opposes any effort to protect LGBT people from discrimination.

“Perhaps Dr. Carson should meet with a transgender teen who’s been kicked out of their home. Would he call her abnormal?” asked Executive Director Mara Keisling. “Perhaps he should meet with a transgender veteran and his family who’ve been denied an apartment and tell them that’s okay because they’re an abomination. Because that’s what we’d be doing by putting him in charge of HUD.”

Carson has long wanted to slash and dismantle programs that help the poor and homeless get back on their feet—programs he’d be in charge of at HUD. This is especially concerning for LGBT youth and adults who face discrimination in the housing market and high rates of poverty and homelessness.

Carson has also shown a serious disregard for the courts and the rule of law, urging Congress to remove lower court judges who ruled for marriage equality, and said that officials from state judges to the President could disregard Supreme Court rulings. 

NCTE urges the Senate to reject this dangerous nomination.

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