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Telephonic Briefing on Schroer Court Victory

Please join Diane Schroer and members of her legal team from the ACLU including her lead lawyer, Sharon McGowan, in a discussion of their recent success in fighting transgender employment discrimination. Last week a federal court ruled that the Library of Congress violated Title VII prohibition against sex discrimination when they rescinded her job offer learning that she would transition.

Join us for a telephonic briefing on this case and what it means for transgender people across the country this Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 8pm Eastern time.

This call is free for everyone, but is limited to the first 200 people and you must register for your password at…

If you have a question for Diane or her legal team, please submit them in advance via email at

You can read the full court decsion and all of the legal filings at and see Diane's testimony from this summer's Congressional Hearing on transgender workplace discrimination at

Feel free to share this information invite friends and allies to join us.

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