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WATCH: John Oliver Declares Trans Issues Next Fight for LGBT Equality


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver highlighted the plight faced by transgender people. "But for all the strides transgender people have made lately," Oliver said, "let's not get too complacent about how far we've come because they still face a host of problems." In a 16 minute segment of pure gold, Oliver tackles the discrimination trans people face in accessing driver's licenses; skewers the Pentagon's ban on open transgender military service; and mocks recent attempts to criminalize trans people's use of public restrooms.

"We are all weirdly comfortable celebrating transgender people while simultaneously dehumanizing them at the DMV, pinning awards to them as we drum them out of the military, and constantly quizzing them about their genitals," Oliver said. "And look, this is a civil rights issue. If you are not willing to support transgender people for their sake, at least do it for your own. Because we've been through this before. We know how this thing ends. If you take the anti-civil rights side and deny people access to something they're entitled to, history is not going to be kind to you."

Watch the segment below.

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