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The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) and the Action Fund are so grateful for the commitment and trust you placed into our leadership this past year. The work we do to fight for trans rights is critical to ensuring the safety and survival of our community. 

We’ve been working nonstop to shift narratives around who trans people are and what we endure to reframe the conversation beyond trauma and tragedy. This year, we worked tirelessly with the Biden Administration to push for critical and historical life-saving changes for the trans community. Despite this enormous progress at the federal level, there were still 150+ anti-trans bills introduced across the states, most of them targeting some of the most vulnerable among us, trans youth. Youth sports bans, which seek to discourage or outright exclude trans youth from participating in school sports, are a deeply harmful attempt at ‘othering’ the trans community. These bans suggest that trans people should be excluded from an activity they enjoy simply because of their gender identity. We all know youth sports are critical to a young person’s development—instilling values of teamwork and encouraging an active lifestyle. And anti-trans extremists do too. They just don’t care.  

As this weren't enough, several states also prioritized criminalizing parents and physicians for seeking and providing gender-affirming care to trans youth. These states determined that gender-affirming care would be considered child abuse in some states, and a felony in others. We could not have imagined living in a world where parents protecting their children and potentially saving their life is considered a crime. But here we are.  

Despite the opposition, trans people are resilient. Trans people are abundant. Trans people are powerful, and we are deserving of a nation that not only respects, but grants us our rights. We are poised for a 2022 that passes the Equality Act. That protects trans youth. That promotes our access to healthcare. And that prioritizes our civic participation. We have the people, we have the power, but we need you to tap in with us. Consider leaving a year-end impact that will jump-start our efforts to WIN in 2022. 

Many of us are or know and love a trans person. We exist as many of you do. We are activists, sex workers, lawyers, baristas, friends, parents, children, and we are all dedicated to living a life uninhibited by bigotry. We know that 2022 will see a more emboldened attempt at taking our rights; we are all hands on deck to ensure we defend our right to thrive. We hope that as the year closes out, you dare to dream with us. Consider making a year-end offering that will cement our efforts to win the fight for trans rights in 2022.  

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