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Honoring Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020

Graphic of candles burning

Today, transgender people and our allies stop and pause to honor the lives of those in our community lost to hate-based violence. Established over 20 years ago, this solemn day - the Transgender Day of Remembrance - began as a response to the murder of Rita Hester in Boston, Massachussetts in 1998.

This year, we have experienced an unprecedented epidemic of violence against trangender people, especially Black and Latina women. In 2020, at least 37 transgender or gender non-conforming people have been killed in the United States. Each of these people were partners, children, parents, friends, loved ones, leaders, and engaged members of their communities. They were taken far too soon, and each represents a call to action to stem the violence against trans people. This means educating the public, advocating for change in government, and lifting the voices of those still here to demand equality.

That’s why today is so important. Each of these beautiful people deserve to be remembered. We will carry their memories in our hearts forever, just like all those we’ve mourned before. Their loss will serve as a reminder to us each day that we need radical change to end violence against trans people once and for all. Radical change like increased access to safe, affordable housing, policies that protect trans people from discrimination and increase economic opportunity, the decriminalization of sex work, ending cash bail, and more.

Please join us today as we hold vigil for the trans lives lost to violence and recommit to fighting against discrimination and hate in all forms.

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