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Last updated April 2019

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American Samoa Name Change Laws

The High Court of American Samoa lacks statutory guidelines for name change proceedings. However, in the past the court has granted legal name changes to petitioners who have petitioned the court for a change of name, given that the change of name is not sought for any fraudulent purpose or infringes upon the rights of others (See Application of Amataga CA No. 85-95. (Trial Div. 1995)).

To obtain a legal name change in American Samoa, the applicant should petition the High Court of American Samoa (P.O. Box 309, Pago Pago, AS 96799) for a hearing on the matter. The petition should include the current legal name of the applicant, the new proposed name, the residence of the applicant, the applicant’s place of birth, and the reason for the name change. Upon being granted a hearing, the court suggests that the applicant provide a record demonstrating that their immediate family (including any children) and the matai have been notified of the proceeding and are in agreement with the objective or at least have had reasonable opportunity to present any opposition to the name change. The court further supports publishing a notice of the proceeding in a newspaper with general circulation in order to afford a degree of notice to those who may be negatively affected by a change of name. (See Application of Mase CA No. 97-02. (Trial Div. 2004)). The court order for the legal name change must be filed with the Office of Vital Statistics, (P.O. Box 6894, Pago Pago, AS 96799).

American Samoa Drivers License Policy & Procedures

The American Samoa Code Annotated (A.S.C.A) Title 22, Chapter 2, 22.0207(d) states that a license shall be issued to a person only under the name of that person as shown on his social security card.  In order to update the name on a driver’s license from American Samoa, the applicant must first change their name with the Social Security Administration and then must present the new social security card featuring the new name.

American Samoa has no established policy for amending the gender marker on a driver’s license.

American Samoa Birth Certificate Laws

The High Court of American Samoa has held that the alteration of a birth certificate is granted only to correct information that was erroneous at the time of recordation, or to reflect a name change due to adoption. See Application of Mase CA No. 97-02. (Trial Div. 2004)).  However, we have heard anecdotally that the Office of Vital Statistics will change the name on a birth certificate when presented with a name change order, and may change the gender marker on a birth certificate with medical documentation of the change in sex. 

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