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Last updated April 2019

Name Change, Driver's License & Birth Certificate Policies in:

Federal IDs and Records:

Kansas Name Change Laws

To obtain a legal name change in Kansas, an applicant must submit a petition to the court. Subject to the court's discretion, the applicant may need to send notice of the hearing to interested parties by mail or publish in a newspaper once a week for four weeks. (Kan. Stat. Ann.  §§ 60-1401 to 60-1403).

For instructions on legal name changes for minors under 18 in Kansas, see NCTE's Name Changes for Minors in Kansas resource.

Kansas Drivers License Policy & Procedures

Applicants may update the gender marker on a Kansas license or ID using a court ordered gender change OR a medical declaration.

The applicant must submit the following documents to the Chief Driver's License Examiner:

  1. To change the name, an original or file stamped copy of the name change order;
  2. To change the gender by medical declaration, the applicant must submit each of the following:
    • A letter from the applicant requesting a change of gender. The letter must include the applicant's current full legal name, residential address, phone number, email address, and the requested gender marker.
    • A letter on official letterhead from a licensed physician stating that the applicant has undergone appropriate clinical treatment or that the physician has re-evaluated the applicant and determined that gender reclassification based on physical criteria is appropriate.
  3.  If you have a court order recognizing your gender, you can show the court order instead of the medical declaration. This is typically applicable to people who obtained a court order outside of Kansas. Bring an original or file stamped photocopy of the court ordered gender change;
  4. A photocopy of the applicant's current Kansas driver's license or identification card.

The above documents should be sent to the following address:

Kansas Chief Driver’s License Examiner
Division of Vehicles – Kansas Department of Revenue
Docking State Office Building, RM 130
915 SW Harrison
Topeka, KS 66612

If the Division approves the request, the applicant will receive a letter from Chief Driver’s License Examiner authorizing the applicant’s change of gender designation.  The applicant should take that letter to any Kansas driver’s licensing exam station to update the applicant’s records and get a new driver’s license or identification card.  The applicant must take all of the following documents to the exam station:

  • The Division’s authorization letter;
  • The applicant’s current driver’s license/identification card; and
  • The appropriate fee required by law to secure an original, renewal, or replacement driver’s license. 

The Kansas Department of Motor Revenue addresses name change here and gender change here.

Kansas Birth Certificate Laws

Kansas Administrative Regulations specify that the Division of Vital Statistics can amend the sex on a birth certificate "with the applicant's affidavit, or a parent's affidavit if the registrant is under the age of 18, that the sex was incorrectly recorded, or with a medical certificate substantiating that a physiological or anatomical change occurred." K.A.R § 28-17-20. However, currently the Division of Vital Statistics claims it has no authority to amend the gender marker on a Kansas birth certificate so individuals are not able to amend the gender marker on their Kansas birth certificate.

There was a lawsuit filed October 2018 against the Kansas Division of Vital Statistics challenging their refusal to correct the gender marker on birth certificates for transgender individuals.

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