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Welcome to our one-stop hub for name and gender change information. Find out how to update your name and gender on state and federal IDs and records. 

Most courts and government offices have resumed normal operations with the formal end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. Make sure to contact your local court or other government offices for details on their current operating hours and procedures, including if they require appointments for in-person visits.. You should keep dated copies of any materials you submit by mail or electronically. 

Last updated November 2023


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Name Change, Driver's License & Birth Certificate Policies in:

Federal IDs and Records:

Louisiana Name Change Laws

To obtain a legal name change in Louisiana, an applicant must submit a petition to the court. No publication is required. Individuals who have a felony conviction may change their name once the sentence has been satisfied, with the exception that individuals who have a felony conviction for a violent crime are not permitted to change their name. (La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§ 13:4751 to 13:4755)

For step-by-step instructions and model forms for each parish, visit Louisiana Trans Advocates ID Center.

For instructions on legal name changes for minors under 18 in Louisiana, see NCTE's Name Changes for Minors in Louisiana resource.

Louisiana Drivers License Policy & Procedures

In order to update the name and/or gender on a Louisiana ID, the applicant must submit:

  1. To change the name, a court order certifying the name change.
  2. To change the gender, a statement signed by a physician stating that the applicant has undergone a successful gender change/reassignment.

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles addresses gender change here.

Louisiana Birth Certificate Laws

Louisiana will update the gender marker on a certificate of birth upon receipt of a court order certifying gender change. "The court shall require such proof as it deems necessary to be convinced that the petitioner was properly diagnosed as a transsexual or pseudo-hermaphrodite, that sex reassignment or corrective surgery has been properly performed upon the petitioner, and that as a result of such surgery and subsequent medical treatment the anatomical structure of the sex of the petitioner has been changed to a sex other than that which is stated on the original birth certificate of the petitioner."

Once the court order is approved a copy of the judgment for a new certificate will be sent to the state registrar of vital records at New Orleans within ten days. A new birth certificate shall be issued and the old one shall be kept under seal. La. R.S. 40:62.

After obtaining a court ordered gender change, to apply for an updated birth certificate applicant should submit:

  • A certified copy of the court order certifying gender change
  • A copy of the original birth certificate
  • A copy of a driver's license or photo ID
  • A check or money order for applicable fees (payable to Louisiana Vital Records)

Send application to:

Louisiana Vital Records
PO Box 60630
New Orleans, LA 70160

Note: If you have a court order for gender change obtained outside of Louisiana, you will have to file to have the foreign judgment made executory by an apprpriate Louisiana court before Louisiana Vital Records will accept it.

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