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Advocates for Trans Equality Responds to White House Statement Opposing Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Youth

Washington, DC Today, after the Biden Administration made a statement opposing surgeries for transgender youth, Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen, Advocates for Trans Equality Executive Director, released the following statement:

“Trans youth and their families are relying on their doctors and four decades of medical research to make the right decisions about their healthcare, and the government should stay out of those decisions.

“No parent should ever be put in the position where they, their child, and their doctor agree on a course of action, supported by the overwhelming majority of medical experts, but the government forbids it. Sadly, the Biden Administration has chosen to put politics over science, and that mistake backs up the bullies, reinforces misinformation from extremists, and puts lives in jeopardy.

“The Biden Administration is sending mixed messages that are misguided and dangerous for trans youth. We need the President to keep the promise he made to have the backs of trans youth and clarify his opposition to the dangerously sweeping bans that target trans youth and their families.

“The freedom to make choices about our own lives is a fundamental value of this country. Tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating freedom and liberty for all, including the trans youth and families across the nation. These families, like all Americans, deserve to know that the government won’t stand in the way of them getting the healthcare their doctor prescribes.” 


Contact: Jonathan Adams, [email protected]

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