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VICTORY! Biden Administration Delivers Major Policy Reforms For Transgender People


VICTORY! The Biden-Harris Administration announced it is implementing policy changes that we've been advocating for since NCTE was founded. Here are changes trans people will see to passports, TSA, social security, and more:

Nonbinary people, rejoice! In about two weeks you will be able to apply to get an X gender marker on your passport. This is a policy we've been working on for a long time, and we're finally seeing it come true.

And speaking of travel, TSA is also making major changes to improve trans people's experiences at the airport. No more gendered body scanners! Also, they will be implementing new trainings and screening procedures to protect our safety and dignity when traveling. TSA will no longer use gender as a factor to verify identity when entering a TSA checkpoint, and they’ll work with airlines to improve requirements for gender markers on tickets including adding the X marker.

The Social Security Administration will also begin phasing out the use of gender identity verification later this year, meaning it is removing the requirement that transgender people show proof of identity such as doctor’s notes in order to update their gender information in their social security record. It is also introducing an X gender marker within SSA systems in 2023 and simplifying the process of updating gender markers.

In addition to the policy changes, President Biden’s budget proposal includes $10 million to ensure the collection of gender identity and sexual orientation data in the American Community Survey. NCTE has advocated for this change for years.

A few more changes: a new online mental health resource for LGBTQ youth, trainings by the Department of Education on how to respectfully work with trans youth, and better collection of gender information on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The National Center for Health Statistics will also release the results of a first-of-its-kind study on different definitions of X gender markers.

NCTE has been working tirelessly on these reforms since our organization was founded nearly 20 years ago. These critical improvements in federal policy by the Biden administration will make the lives of transgender people better. President Biden demonstrates his administration’s commitment to equality of all people under the law. Today’s actions will help reduce harassment, discrimination, and violence against transgender people who are just trying to live our lives.

While transgender people are being attacked and targeted by state and local politicians, the Biden administration is sending a clear message – especially to transgender young people – that the president of the United States has their back.


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