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North Carolina Action Center

Angry at North Carolina’s government for legislating discrimination against trans people?
Confused about what this means for you as a trans North Carolinian?
Worried about a trans loved one?

Take action here.

Click here to visit NCTE's National Action Center.

The latest: A federal court has temporarily banned the University of North Carolina from enforcing HB 2. This decision extends to all public schools and colleges, meaning that schools cannot use HB 2 to force trans students into the wrong restrooms. This decision doesn't apply to places outside of schools, like government buildings. The judge will make a final decision about HB 2 in the coming months.

What You Can Do (National):

What You Can Do If You Live In North Carolina:

Note: If you're organizing action in North Carolina, let us know so that we help promote it or post it here.

​NCTE Resources for Trans North Carolinians and their Families:

What Others Are Doing:

  • Litigation. Learn about the lawsuit that the ACLU and Lambda Legal has filed against the state of North Carolina.
  • Voices Against HB 2. Visit TurnOUT NC's website to find out about the businesses, leaders, and communities that have spoken out against this law.
  • Open Letter. Read 9th grader Skye Thomson's letter to Gov. McCrory.


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